Inspection & Cleansing

  • Each Bundle is hand inspected for any imperfections. 
  • The Bundles are then co-washed with just water and a light conditioner to re-hydrate the hair.
  • No film, silicone, or so-called "protective coating", simply Raw. Virgin. Indian. Hair.
  • We lay it out wet to measure before it's hung to dry. (Note: Wet hair will appear thin.)





 All Bundles are personally inspected.

 Each Bundle is inspected for any defects to ensure the highest quality standards. 

All Bundles are conditioned upon arrival

 We use a light conditioner to simply re-hydrate the hair. No filmy "protective layers" here, just Raw. Virgin. Indian. Hair. 

All Bundles are measured wet.

 Only AFTER initial wash and conditioning is each bundle measured to ensure True Length.  

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